Hair Regimen (Update 6/24/16)

Let’s discuss hair products. The true magic isn’t in the hair products as much as it is in the hands that use them. Knowing which products to combine and when is the most important part of any hair regimen. See how I build my regimen below:

First, I shampoo at least 2 times. To remove all of the build-up on the hair, I first shampoo with a clarifying/chelating shampoo. This step helps to deep cleanse the scalp and the hair. Then, follow with a moisturizing shampoo. A moisturizing shampoo will begin to restore the hair’s moisture levels after all the build- up has been removed.

Next, I apply a generous amount of either a moisturizing or a protein based deep conditioner- if the hair feels hard then use a moisturizing based conditioner or if the hair feels mushy use a protein based conditioner- with a plastic cap, and sit under the dryer for about 15-30 minutes to deep condition. I do this every time I shampoo my hair.

Finally, I will follow up with a moisturizing conditioner rinse. Gently comb the conditioner through the hair, from the ends to the roots, while rinsing out the conditioner. I carefully detangle my hair while it is soaking wet to avoid breakage. I have seen the most results with this methods and rarely if ever have thin ends.This step will decrease the amount of breakage and potential mechanical damage that may occur.Towel dry gently.

To style the hair, I usually do a twist-out with leave-in conditioner, styling lotion and  coconut oil.

Apply coconut oil to the ends of the hair nightly before pineappling at night to keep them healthy.

My advice: be consistent with your hair regimen and you will see results. Hair was made to grow, and grow it will. Stay away from heat as much as possible to keep the ends from being damaged. You will see results which equates to more hair length!

Hair Products (Updated 6/24/15)