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Relaxed Hair Care- the 2016 Compilation

Hello Beautiful! Today, I am going to discuss hair info that I gathered over the years.   Tried and True Tips and Tricks  No Poo- Low Poo:  Relaxed hair tends to be dry, and sometimes detangling dry relaxed hair is a nightmare. Moisturizing products are very beneficial to our thirsty strands, but sulfate shampoos (very strong detergents)… Continue reading Relaxed Hair Care- the 2016 Compilation

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Does Deep Conditioning Matter?

To condition or deep condition that is the question. Well my answer is overwhelmingly in favor of deep conditioning. Even if you only have a regular rinse out conditioner, deep conditioning provides more conditioning to the hair once heat and/or time allows it to fully penetrate the hair shaft. All you need is the deep… Continue reading Does Deep Conditioning Matter?