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Relaxed Hair Care- the 2016 Compilation

Hello Beautiful!

Today, I am going to discuss hair info that I gathered over the years.


Tried and True Tips and Tricks 

No Poo- Low Poo: 
Relaxed hair tends to be dry, and sometimes detangling dry relaxed hair is a nightmare. Moisturizing products are very beneficial to our thirsty strands, but sulfate shampoos (very strong detergents) can lead to shedding because they are too drying. If you are experiencing shedding, then go sodium laurel/th sulfate (SLS) free to see if the shedding decreases. There are many moisturizing sulfate free and co-wash options, like the ones below:

Sulfate Free Shampoos

Co-Washing Cleansers

Or, you can make your own low-poo mix by combining your favorite shampoo and conditioner 1:1 ratio.

Moisture, Moisture, Moisture
If you want to maintain moisturized tresses, then deep condition your hair!
Check out my recent favorite moisturizing deep conditioners below:


Ok, If you want hair that just can’t stop being soft and silky, then deep condition with one the conditioners on the left. I sometimes mix them together for a special treat, or use them solo, depending on the weather.




For hair that is extra thirsty, and is in need of some magical or divine intervention, then I have the duo for you! Mix two parts of the Kanechom to one part of the Silicon Mix conditioner (2:1), and deep condition for 30 minutes. After you rinse your hair, you will be amazed! I use this combo when I have been slacking off and I need to get it together. You will be back in the game in no time!



Now if you want to stay natural, then stay natural. But, if you want to relax your hair, then relax your hair. It is your hair and you are the one who has to deal with its maintenance. I chose to have a healthy relaxed hair journey, and these are some tips that I picked up over time:

No-Lye vs. Lye

I use no-lye relaxers because I have a sensitive scalp and I like thick hair. When I used lye relaxers in the past, I suffered from overly straight and thin hair, as well as scalp burns. I noticed years ago, that women who used no-lye relaxers tended to have thick- full and less processed hair. I like to be texlaxed, so this is exactly what I am aiming for when I relax my hair. Yes, no-lye relaxers may leave a calcium deposit on the hair, but you can use a chelating (pronounced key-lay-ting) shampoo to remove the calcium build-up. Some say no-lye can be drying to the hair, but I mix in a little coconut and olive oil and POW my results are always fabulous! I am left with silky-soft hair that has body, elasticity and swang!


My top 4 No-Lye Relaxers: 
  1. Creme of Nature Straight from Eden Relaxer System- Regular Strength
  2. Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Strength No-lye Relaxer Regular Strength
  3. Proclaim Argan Oil No-Lye Relaxer- Regular Strength
  4. Silk Elements Mega Silk No-Lye Relaxer System- Regular Strength
Post-Relaxer Regimen: 

After thoroughly rinsing out the hair relaxer, distribute ApHogee 2 minute Reconstructor throughout the hair- leave it on for 2 minutes and then rinse.

Use Stabilizer Plus to quickly neutralize the hair and then apply a neutralizing shampoo until it indicates that the hair is relaxer free. Towel dry hair.

Next, apply your favorite oil (I use coconut oil in a squeeze bottle) to your scalp and the freshly relaxed hair. For best relaxer results, use this oiling conditioning technique every single time the hair is relaxed.

Then, to deep condition my hair, I apply my deep conditioner and sit under a heated conditioning cap for 30 minutes. After rinsing out the deep conditioner and oil, I roller set my hair.



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