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Battle of the Deep Conditioners

Hello Beauties!!!

Can you guess which one of these conditioners is my favorite deeeeeep conditioner? Here’s the thing, I couldn’t choose one, because I love them all! I did however list my favorite by row position.

The top row is for protein conditioners and my favorite protein deep is the Organics Hair Mayonnaise. Now this is a light-moderate protein conditioner that will leave your hair strong, resilient and in excellent condition.

The second row is for moisturizing deep conditioners and my favorite moisturizing deep conditioner is the Silk Elements Kera Minerals. This leaves my hair so soft and shiny that it is unbelievable. The silky soft results are so worth the drive to Sally’s Beauty Supply to pick up this staple conditioner.  

The third row is for moisturizing/protein balanced conditioners- two of which happen to be Dominican products. I can’t get enough of the Avocado deep conditioner. When my hair feels strong and moisturized, I use this deep conditioner with cholesterol to maintain my protein-moisture balance.

With any of my favorite deep conditioners, comb the deep conditioner through your freshly shampooed hair, put on a shower cap and sit under the dryer for 30 minutes. After you rinse out the deep conditioner, you will be left with hair that just wont quit being beautiful. 


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