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How to Grow Long Healthy Hair- DIY Edition

Hello Beauties!!!

When I decide to create a post, I often write it as a diary entry- to journal my progress- or I write the post as if I were passing down information to my daughter. As such, this post serves to chronicle all of my knowledge about textured hair care for those who would like to grow or maintain healthy (relaxed or natural) hair.

  • Step 1: Healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp, so drink water.  You should also shampoo and oil your scalp regularly. I shampoo my hair once a week and oil my scalp after I take out my rollers. Then, I wrap my hair every night. When I am home, I wear a silk bonnet to protect my hair when it is not wrapped. Hair grows everyday, and you have to keep it from breaking off, so keep your ends from breaking off by moisturizing and protecting them from damage. 
  • Step 2: Deep condition your hair! I deep condition after I shampoo my hair faithfully. This will keep your luscious locs in excellent condition. Switch up your moisturizing/protein conditioners when necessary. Since Afro-textured hair tends to be dry- moisturizing treatments are my go to, but about once a month I will use a protein based deep conditioner to maintain the strength of my hair.  
  • Step 3: Stay away from direct heat! Flat irons, curling irons, hot combs, straightening brushes and blow dryers can set you back. Although you may get sleek results initially, your hair may become brittle, dry and prone to breakage. Instead opt for heat free or indirect heat styling options like braid and twist-outs or roller sets. You can use large diameter rollers for a sleek look or small diameter rollers for a curly look. 
    • Step 4: Do not over manipulate your hair. Excessively tight weaves, braids, cornrows, locs and twists can take you out of the game- sometimes permanently! You do not want to become Ms. Edge-less in Seattle. Too tight styling can make your hair line recede, snatch out your edges or even give you bald spots. None of those effects are healthy- if you have to take a Tylenol to get your hair braided, then you are going to the wrong person. RUN! Find someone else now who can give you the styles that you like without braiding your hair so tight that she can see your thoughts. 
    • Step 5: LOVE your HAIR!  I don’t care what texture of hair you have- it can be styled beautifully in a natural or relaxed hair style. Plus if you love your hair like you love yourself, then you will keep it clean and won’t snatch it to the gods in an attempt to conform to alien beauty standards. Your hair is beautiful and worthy of being treated delicately. No one should be abusing your hair, your edges, or your ‘kitchen’. Get yourself some Sulfate-Free Moisturizing Shampoo, a few deep conditioners, some rollers, hair oil and patience! 
    • Step 6: Be Patient! Be patient with your hair and it will grow longer than you could imagine. Comb and brush it gently. Schedule your hair days during your down time. I usually have a hair day where I shampoo/deep condition and roller set my hair. Fr example, on Sundays, when I am free from stress and obligations, I start my hair routine around 6 pm and finish about 9 pm. This way I can be patient- take my time shampooing my hair- deep condition and roller set- all of which are time consuming. So, once a week I take out 3-4 hours of me time and while I am under the dryer drying my roller set I paint my nails and read a book for fun. You have permission to dedicate 3-4 hours of me time to yourself. Use it to make yourself feel refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated from the stress of life. 


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