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2016 Hair Update!!!! Relaxed and Healthy???

OMG!!! I missed you all!!!

I get it life happens, and then life HAPPENS lol… and from 2015 to 2016 life just kind of balled me over.

But, I have a few major hair updates on my new products, regimen and much more…

Drum roll please… I relaxed my hair after being natural for about a year. I have previously confessed to having HADD (Hair- Attention Deficit Disorder). Since my hair grows quickly, I can usually go back and forth between relaxed and natural hair rather seamlessly.

Why did I relax? Because I simply grew tired of the amount of time that the detangling process took up, so much so that I got up one morning and texlaxed my hair with my favorite relaxer- ORS Olive Oil Relaxer. I never relax bone straight, so I still have some texture left which provides styling flexibility if I want to do a twist or braid out in the future.

Like I said in previous posts, I have had both healthy natural and relaxed (texlaxed) hair. The reason that I usually get frustrated with texlaxed hair- is because I switched to lye relaxers which burn my scalp- no matter what. Then, to give my scalp a break I stop relaxing. I really don’t like the look of puffy-textured roots and straight ends, so then I wind up cutting it and going back to natural.

Why do I switch to lye relaxers when no-lye works, Well it’s because I will talk to someone who says lye relaxers are better for the hair (even though they are harder on the scalp). And, poof… off I go to jump on the lye train- plus- ultimately I like experimenting with my hair.

But, no-lye never burns my scalp (even though some say they are harder on the hair)- no-lye relaxers may leave behind a calcium deposit on the hair which can make it hard and brittle, but a chelating shampoo can easily solve this problem). So, while I am texlaxed, I am just going use no-lye relaxers to texlax my hair. I also used the Adore black Velvet Semi-Permanent hair color to give me a fresh new and non-damaging look! I love this semi-permanent hair color. It lasts long and leaves my hair so silky-smooth…

When my hair is relaxed, I usually get a touch up every 14 weeks or three times a year and the next touch I do will be with the Creme of Nature straight from Eden no-lye relaxer. I’ve heard really good things about it and want to try it so that I can give you a thorough review. 

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