Product Reviews

There are deep conditioners and then there are deeeeep conditioners!

Helło Beautiful!

I just had one of the best styling sessions yet, and now I just have to tell you all about a few old and new additions to my twice weekly routine. So, I use shampoo once a week and on my no poo day, I cowash and deep condition my hair.
First, I cowash with Aussie Moist, which drenches my hair in moisture while simultaneously leaving my scalp refreshed. Some people use this as a styler as well, but my hair doesn’t seem all that tolerable of using it as a leave in. Instead, I get the perfect amount of slip and detangling is a breeze after I rinse out the conditioner.

Second, I deep conditioned with the Pantene Moisturizing Deep Conditioner. Ok, now this is where things got really good. After saturating my hair with the conditioner, I brushed it to evenly distribute it through my strands. I put on a plastic hair cap, followed by my deep conditioning cap, and deep conditioned on high for an hour. Once the timer went off, I rinsed out the conditioner and to my amazement my hair felt as soft as silk. I have never felt my hair this soft before, and the brush glided through my hair without a snag. I am adding this deep conditioner to my holy grail product list. 
Finally, it was time to style my hair, and I’m loving the results I get for a flat twist out! Products are important though. So, I used the Alba Cocoa Butter Repairing Conditioner as my leaven and since I never used the product before, I did not know what to expect. Omg! The smell was heavenly, the way it left my hair smooth, silky soft and manageable was outstanding! I am so impressed with this conditioner, it was thick but not overpowering. It was just the perfect balance for my hair. It took no time to finish my twist out and the shine…. Ugh the shine was amazing. I can’t wait to take out my twists in the morning!!! 

I am one happy lady, and I hope that you enjoy these products too! 
~may your life be filled with peace and abundance! 

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