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No-Poo to Low-Poo that’s the Answer!

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Hello beautiful!!!

How does shampoo react with your scalp and hair? Do you get dry hair or scalp immediately following wash day(s). If so, then I have the perfect remedy for you!


I attempted a no-poo regimen a few years ago with the hope that I would be able to rid myself of the lingering itchiness, flakes and dry hair that was exacerbated by sulfate-shampoos. After going poo-free, I experienced a decrease in the itch, flakes and dryness of my hair, but unknowingly created another problem- lingering product build-up on my scalp. Or in other words, my scalp was just not getting clean.

Even though I cowashed my hair regularly, I never got the feeling and smell of clean hair. I went about 2 months without using shampoo and with the no-poo regimen I felt like my scalp was on fire and smelled like sulfur oozing out of the bowels of Hell.

After going through the no-poo struggle, I was in need of change. But, what would I do about the itch- I was worried?  Since I have extremely sensitive skin, I decided to experiment first with sulfate free shampoos, and since some of them still made my skin react negatively, I decided to experiment some more by mixing conditioner into my sulfate free shampoo. Doing so diluted the strength and intensity of the cleansing agents and lucky for me- completely reduced my skin’s negative reactions. I can now enjoy a fresh clean scalp and silky smooth moisturized hair.

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Check out the details below for my most successful low-poo (sulfate free) scalp cleansing formula.

You will need (1) bottle of your favorite moisturizing shampoo (preferably sulfate free) and (1) bottle of your favorite moisturizing conditioner. You will also need an empty 24 oz. bottle (which will give you enough room to shake the shampoo, conditioner and water mix together). I use:


(8 oz.)  Trader Joe’s Peppermint Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo

(8 oz.) Trader Joe’s Peppermint Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner

(2 oz) Water

Mix equal parts (1:1 ratio) of moisturizing conditioner and moisturizing sulfate free shampoo together in an empty bottle with warm water, shake vigorously and viola you’re done!

This formula will not lather as much as the shampoo only version, but it will stimulate your pores while gently cleansing your scalp and hair.  You can follow up this low-poo method with your favorite deep conditioning treatment.

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After rinsing out your deep conditioner, your hair will be ready to style in any fabulous way that you like.

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