General Hair Talk

Tangle-less Wash Day

Hello my beauties! 

If you have afrotextured hair, often nothing can be better or worse than wash day. The process of pampering your hair and scalp is so invigorating, but the detangling process can be  a nightmare! I’ve learned a few tips and tricks during my hair journey that could help ease your transition. 

Would you like to learn more about how to reduce the amount of time that you take to detangle your hair? This post will help you significantly reduce the amount of time spent removing tangles from your hair, increasing the cleanliness of your scalp, and improve the distribution of your conditioner throughout your hair.

You should really think twice before jumping in the shower to shampoo that week old wash-n-go, twist or braid out because shed hair has a way of making hair as tangled as Medusa’s angry snarling snakes. To prevent this from happening we must remove the shed hair before it gets wet. 


First, before you shampoo hair loosely divide your hair into four sections. You should have two front sections and two back sections. After you section your hair twist each section and use clips to secure each section, but leave one back section free. Spray this section with a little water to help re moisturized the hair which will make detangling it much easier. Use a wide tooth comb and your fingers to detangle this section of hair. Once detangled, braid the section and secure the end of the braid with a hair tie. Repeat this process on each section of hair. 

Once all of your hair is detangled and braided, then proceed to shampoo or co-wash your hair as usual. Since your hair is sectioned, you will be able to get your scalp really clean.  This method will not only allow you to fully cleanse your scalp when you have thick or dense afrotextured hair, but it will allow you to get the conditioner on all of your hair instead of just along the perimeter of your scalp.   


First, I usually shampoo my hair once with a clarifying shampoo, and then fully rinse it out of my hair (dull hair can often be attributed to the incomplete removal of shampoo from the hair). Second, I use a moisturizing shampoo, and once I rinse that out of my hair, I will use a moisturizing conditioner. This will provide a wonderful foundation for any styling method you want to do later.


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