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I’m Back Baby!!!

Hello my Beauties!!!! I have been on a bit of a hiatus due to graduate school and all of the stressors that comes along with that, but I am BACK!!!

Just a few updates:

(1) I am still using the same products for my roller sets with the exception of my shampoo. I now use Kirkland’s Best Moisture Shampoo since it is sulfate free, paraben free and gluten free. I found out that I have gluten sensitivity and this shampoo does not bother the skin on my scalp at all!

(2)  Because of using this new shampoo, I can now roller set my hair less frequently. I moved from a weekly to a bi-weekly wash-n-set, because the new shampoo and coconut oil eliminated all of my scalp problems.

(3) More specifically, I found that my scalp’s dryness was eliminated by using coconut oil. I used to have a very dry itchy scalp and frequent washing seemed to exacerbate the issue. Now, I can go two weeks between shampoos which ultimately reduced the amount of manipulation which has increased my hair’s length retention. 


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