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Dry Scalp Relief

I have been suffering from overall skin dryness lately, and here are some of the things that I did to help alleviate these symptoms:

Healing From the Inside

1. Drink Water– this one is a no brainer, if you want to increase the moisture in your skin, then increase the moisture in your body. The only way to do that is by drinking more water. 
2.  Illiminate Wheat and Dairy Consumption– when I start to have skin problems, the first thing I do is check my diet. If you have a dietary allergy, then your body may give you subtle clues. Keep a food diary and write down what you ate, and then subsequently how you felt after you ate. Itchiness and redness are your body’s inflammatory responses or the way that it communicates to you that it is irritated.It may take time to notice a pattern, but after about a week patterns should emerge. I totally eliminated my dandruff and eczema by removing wheat and dairy products from my diet, and the minute I returned to eating them, the dandruff and eczema came right back. 

Healing From the Outside 

3. Humidifier– increasing the ambient room temperature often decreases the water content or moisture in the air. Using a humidifier will significantly increase the moisture in the air and allow your skin to pull in some of this valuable moisture through osmosis. 
4. Sulfate-Free Shampoos– sulfates can dry you all the way out, so use gentle shampoos during the winter, and then you could switch to sulfate shampoos in the summer when your body is producing more sweat and sebum. 
5. Kukui Nut Oil– this oil has excellent emollient properties. It reduces the tightness and itchiness of my scalp immediately. After using this oil consistently, my scalp feels like a million bucks!

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