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Some Quick and Not So Quick Dry Hair Fixes

It’s winter time. The air is both cold and dry, and our hair suffers for it! I am going to provide some quick and not so quick fixes that will restore your hair’s moisture balance.

Now let’s say that you have to be somewhere rather quickly- under 5 minutes- and you just need to address this problem immediately, then the quick fixes below will be of some help. However, if you want your results to last for a few days to a week or longer, then the not so quick fixes will be the right method for you! 

Quick Fixes

Avoid Heat
Heated styling appliances like flat irons and curling wands will do nothing more than mask the damage that is occurring to your hair. Using direct heat will eventually lead to more dryness, decreased pliability and breakage will follow.  Although heat protectors help to mask some of the heat damage- they do not solve any of the problems that will result from using heat styling tools.

Water Works 
If you do not have a hairstyle, spray a really light mist of purified water throughout your hair, and depending on the thickness of your hair apply about a dime to quarter sized amount of coconut or amla oil throughout your hair. Brush and then put your hair in a chignon to maintain the moisture.  
Moisturize and Seal
Apply your favorite hair moisturizer, and then apply coconut oil afterwards to seal the added moisture and brush (with a boar bristle brush) to distribute the products evenly throughout your hair. Style as usual, but it’s also the perfect time to try out a messy bun or an updo. 

Not So Quick Fixes 

Pre-Shampoo Hot Oil Treatment 
Before you shampoo your hair, heat up some coconut oil and/or olive oil, and then apply it all over your hair from root to tip. Next, place a plastic cap on your hair and then sit under a warm dryer if you can and then allow the oil to work it’s magic. Following this intensive treatment (if you have super dry hair), shampoo your hair with a sulfate-free/moisturizing shampoo (that has an acidic ph) and a moisturizing conditioning rinse (or rinse with apple cider vinegar). 
Deeeeep Conditioning Treatment 
After shampooing your hair with a moisturizing shampoo, place a moisturizing deep conditioner throughout your hair (mixing it with some avocado would be great too), place a plastic cap on your head and use a heated conditioning cap to get the maximum benefits of this treatment. Leave on for 45 minutes to an hour and then rinse it out with cold water. I usually follow up  this treatment with a conditioning rinse to help detangle my hair.

Leave-in Conditioner and Roller Set/Wet Wrap
One of the best ways to maintain your hair’s moisture throughout the week is to apply a moisturizing leave-in conditioning treatment to your hair before you roller set or wet wrap it. Then, apply your setting/wrap solution and finally a serum to seal in all of your moisture. After your hair is dry (and depending on the thickness of your hair) apply a dime to quarter sized amount of coconut oil to your hair and then brush to evenly distribute it. After wrapping it up at night, I apply a tiny bit of coconut oil to my ends and then use a silk scarf to keep my wrap in place. By doing so, my hair will retain its moisture level until the next time I shampoo.

NB- You can combine these all of these quick and not so quick fixes to ensure that your hair stays in excellent condition.


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