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Silk Elements Kera Minerals Smoothing System Review

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Greetings to all my beautiful ladies with textured tresses!!! I am excited to say that I’ve had an opportunity to use the new Silk Elements Kera Minerals product line. I decided to try the total system after reading all of its rave reviews here and can say that overall I am pleasantly surprised with the moisturizing properties of this product line. It can turn your dry, thirsty tresses into silk.
The Sulfate free shampoo is moisturizing, lathers well (you only have to use a little bit to get a good lather), and leaves my hair virtually tangle free, although it could have cleaned my scalp a little bit better. The leave-in conditioner is decent- it has a minty smell that does not linger, makes the hair easier to comb out during the roller setting process, but I think it is supposed to be used with heat. Since I only roller set my hair I cannot speak about the effectiveness of its intended use.
Now I know that you want the TRUTH- so here it is!!! The shining star of this line is the deep conditioner.  If I could only have two deep conditioners, this would be one of them (the other deep conditioner would be Africa’s Best Hair Mayonnaise). I could probably go on and on about how it makes my hair like butter baby! But, I won’t put you through all of that. It is creamy and readily absorbs into the hair. It smells so good, and since you only have to use a little bit it lasts for a long time. My hair stays moisturized all week long, and the silky-softness is enduring.
***On a side note, I only mention products on my page that I would give to my best friends, family and loved ones. I do a lot of research before I purchase a product, so most of the time the products that I buy are winners. Also, I don’t like negativity, so if there is a product that is not mentioned here, then most likely (due to my pj-ism) I did not like it and would not recommend it.***  


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