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Roller Setting Language for Diagrams & Schemas

Greeting and Salutations!!! I send peace and blessings out to all of the awesome readers of this blog! As I scoured the internet on roller setting ideas and techniques, I found that there was inconsistent language, very few actual diagrams, and lots of conceptual murkiness about this form of hair styling. I am writing this… Continue reading Roller Setting Language for Diagrams & Schemas

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Brick Layering Roller Setting Technique

I just finished editing my newest video on the brick layering technique posted below…Enjoy!!! Roller setting is the BOMB!!! It gives you beautiful curls and silky-soft hair. No need to only use the Mohawk technique, in this tutorial I show you how do the brick layering technique which will allow you to wear your roller… Continue reading Brick Layering Roller Setting Technique

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Silk Elements Kera Minerals Smoothing System Review

Purchase Silk Elements Kera Minerals here! Greetings to all my beautiful ladies with textured tresses!!! I am excited to say that I’ve had an opportunity to use the new Silk Elements Kera Minerals product line. I decided to try the total system after reading all of its rave reviews here and can say that overall… Continue reading Silk Elements Kera Minerals Smoothing System Review