Product Reviews

VIA Semi Permanent Hair Color (Jet Black) vs. Adore Semi Permanent Hair Color (Black Velvet)

Semi-permanent hair color is an excellent choice for those who want darker or even a brighter hair color. Semi-permanent hair color can also cover gray hair, and since this process has to be done monthly, then this would be the wise choice since it causes little to no damage. One drawback is that semi’s cannot lighten the hair and can also vary considerably in their overall quality, intensity of color, and duration. Semi-permanent hair colors are less damaging to the hair, and some are made with proteins to help strengthen the hair and conditioners to help alleviate damage.

I’ve used these two brands recently- Via & Adore – both are very gentle to the hair, but the Adore brand lasted much longer, left my hair darker and softer than the Via which washed out completely in about three weeks. I will purchase and use the Adore Black Velvet semi-permanent hair rinse from now on. This one is a keeper.


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