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This Setting Solution is Perfection in a Bottle

After experimenting this weekend with various diluted setting lotions, I discovered the perfect ratio of setting lotion to leave -n conditioner- to water to get a light airy set that lasts all week. I almost forgot to mention that this solution eliminated all of my frizz as well.

You will need the following tools & products:

(1) Spray Bottle
(1 oz) of Lottabody setting lotion (Carrot Oil and Keratin)
(1 tsp) Garnier Fructis leave-in conditioner
(6 oz)  Water

Pour (1) oz of the concentrated setting lotion into an empty spray bottle, next add 1 tsp of leave-in conditioner, finally add 6 oz of warm water to the bottle. Reattach the spray nozzle, and shake the setting solution vigorously- until everything is incorporated together. 
Finally, saturate your hair with the setting solution, and then roll the hair in roller sized sections and your ready to enjoy lustrous and well moisturized results.

The key to achieving light and bouncy results is to use very little little product- I even skipped the serum this time- didn’t miss it at all!


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