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Queen Helene (QH) Mint Julep Scrub, Masque and Cocoa Butter Creme

Skin care time! Wow, I love the Queen Helene (QH) Cholesterol Conditioner so much that I purchased the QH Mint Julep Facial Scrub and QH Mint Julep Masque. Even though I have sensitive skin, I am so glad that I tried these new products!
This gentle exfoliator is refreshing and left my skin smooth without irritation. I applied it to my face in upward circular motions for about 3 minutes, and removed it with a warm washcloth. 

The masque is simply divine! After exfoliating, I applied the masque to my face, let it dry and felt my pores shrinking. If you use this masque, you will need a wet cloth and some patience to remove it fully from your skin. It took a while to get it all off, but in te end it was so worth the effort.

After thoroughly cleansing my skin with the facial scrub and the masque, I used the QH Cocoa Butter Creme to moisturize my skin. I applied a tiny bit, rubbed it in my hands to warm it up, and then smoothed it all over my face and neck. It smelled so good and in the morning, my skin was softer than it ever has been before. My makeup glided on so smoothly and my face just looked radiant all week- after just one use.

I highly recommend these products. Although I use African Black soap to cleanse my face daily and the QH cocoa butter creme as a moisturizer, I will use the QH Mint Julep Facial Scrub and QH Mint Julep Masque on a weekly basis to deep cleanse my skin and minimize my pores.

What are your favorite skincare products? 


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