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Proclaim Moisturizing Oil Sheen Spray- Is on HG Status

Purchase the Proclaim Oil Sheen Spray here

So what comes in a silver bottle that you can purchase for about $4.00 and will give you salon quality results? Well I am glad you asked because Proclaim Oil Moisturizing Spray just so happens to be that product. Now you know something is great when you don’t even use oil sheen but you go out and buy three bottles to make sure you have about a years supply worth.

So, I gave myself a touch-up (I used the last box of Silk Elements No-lye Relaxer that I purchased previously, but I will be switching to ORS Olive Oil No-lye relaxer from now on), deep conditioned my hair, and roller set it.  It was pretty and soft, but then I sprayed this oil sheen on my hair and looked like I just stepped out of a magazine. My scalp was bothering me a little too, so I sprayed some on my scalp and felt immediate relief- the itching/tingling sensation was gone! It looked like I had flat ironed my hair, but I only sprayed it with this sheen spray.

*NB: use sparingly- a little goes a long way!

I am in love with this spray and will add it to my holy grail list of products. 


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