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Rollers, Curlformers and Rods!

Hair Rollers

Hello Beauties!!! This post is on heat-less curling tool or rollers. It will hopefully explain how you can create endless hair styles with one simple heat free styling tool- the hair roller.

There are just a few rules to remember:

  • The length of hair will largely determine the size if the roller. You should be able to wrap the roller at least once around the roller to have good results.
    • Short hair will require a smaller diameter roller (the blue 18mm to the orange 28mm rollers)
    • Medium length/shoulder length hair (the sea green 32mm to the red 36mm
    • Longer hair (APL and below) can use a larger diameter roller (the purple 45mm  to the dark grey 76mm).
  • For longer hair, the smaller the roller the tighter the curl, and the longer it will take to dry the hair if rolled when wet.
  • Wet hair will hold a curl longer than dry hair, but don’t remove rollers before the hair is fully dry or you will have FRIZZ.

Roller Variety & Curl Pattern

There are so many different types of rollers available that you could probably create any kind of curl, wave pattern, or even straight style that your imagination could invent.

Mesh rollers are great for roller setting thick hair and help the hair dry quickly. You will get luscious curls with these!
Use these Curlformers on wet or dry hair to produce beautiful spiral/Shirley temple curls
Flexirods can be used on wet or dry hair and will produce spiral ringlets if you roll the hair diagonally or curls if you roll the hair horizontally. You can twist the ends of the flexirod together to secure the roller.
Velcro or self- grip rollers are great for dry hair styling- adding both curl and body to the hair.
Foam rollers are great for maintaining curls while you sleep. They are soft and fairly comfortable. If you add them to your nighttime routine just be sure to wrap the ends of your hair with end papers first, or cover the rollers in satin fabric since they are sponge and thus can absorb moisture from the hair.

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