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Pincurls, Bantu Knots, & Paper Bag Curls

Pin Curls 

No rollers- No problem!!!

Tools required: hair clips or bobby pins. 

Let’s say that you do not have hair rollers, but you still want to have curly, wavy, or slightly curled hair, then have no fear pin curls are but one of many possible solutions. There are just a few rules to cover.  First, the tighter the pin curl the curlier the hair and conversely a loose pin curl will produce wavy to loose curl results. Secondly, the pin curls should be secured well to have satisfactory results. A loose pin curl will not be a curl in the morning when you wake-up, instead it will be a mess. To pin curl hair wind the hair from the ends to the roots with your fingers and then secure with your hair pins. An example is provided in the image below:

Bantu Knots

No bobby pins or hair clips- No problem!!!  

Bantu Knots will create ringlets or loose cascading waves when brushed out or finger combed.

First, remove and tangles and smooth the hair with a brush. Take sections- the smaller the section the tighter the curl and the wider the section the looser the curls- begin by twisting the hair from the root to the tip, and then begin winding the twisted hair around the base of the section until you get to the ends of the hair. Once you reach the ends of the hair, tuck them under the knot secure- you may then wrap your hair with a scarf while you sleep to preserve the knot, and in the morning you will have the most beautiful curls and waves.

Paper Bag Curls 

Yes, now this is an ancient method- well maybe not ancient, but when you don’t have rollers and have straight hair, but want curls what can you do? Well you can use a paper bag (or a newspaper) and tear it into strips. Wrap the ends around the bag strip and roll the hair up until you get close to the scalp. Then, you tie the ends of the bag together, and you will have some beautiful curls in the morning when you wake up- just be sure to wrap your hair in a protective scarf or sleeping cap before you go to bed.

You want to have dry hair when using these methods. I hope this will help you to drop the flat iron to save those ends. You will be on the road to long, strong, and healthy hair.


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