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Roller Setting Product Snafu

For the most part, I have figured out which hair products really do work for my hair (like the GF Sleek-N- Shine Leave-in Conditioner) , and how to style it, so that my hair looks good all week. I’ve got those products that provide an amazing shine, moisturized-hydrated hair, and slip available here.

 Yup, yeah I got those, but every now and then I go out and purchase something, try it, only to have a weird funky ‘do’ for the rest of the week.Last week is one of those weeks. I used a different leave-in conditioning product and boy did it really alter the results of my roller set. My hair has been a mess of fly aways, frizz, poof, and I don’t even know what the heck is going on with the rest of it, smh.

Well, I think I will let you in on the culprit-  the Cream of Nature Leave-in Conditioner. I will use the rest of the the Cream of Nature Leave-in Conditioner as a mix in with a deep conditioner and will not repurchase it again.


*I will often use up a conditioning product by mixing it in with a deep conditioner. This way I don’t waste something that I would otherwise throw away.


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