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Roots, roots, roots- what to do with those puffy roller set roots

So, it’s been a few weeks since you had a fresh relaxer touch up, and your hair is growing fast as evidenced by the all of that new growth or puffy root syndrome (lol). What is the puffy root syndrome? Well it is a condition that occurs after you rolled your hair smoothly on each roller and sat under a dryer hoping that you would have these smooth bouncy curls when you take rollers out to find smooth curls until you get to the root of the hair. There it is the shining product of all of your investment- new growth= puffy roots.

Well what can we do to smooth those roots out without the direct heat of a blow dryer? Well, you can wrap the hair (no heat involved) or silk wrap the hair (no heat to indirect heat involved). Just apply a little argan oil or a light serum to the hair, brush and wrap away!


Ok, to wrap the hair, use a Denman brush your hair down in every direction from the crown of your head. Then, brush the hair around the circumference of your head until all of the hair is wrapped.

Silk Wrap:  

If you want even smoother and straighter results then you can silk wrap your hair. After you wrap your hair apply plastic wrap around your head with tension and then sit back under the dryer for about 15 minutes.

If you don’t want to use anymore indirect heat from the hooded dryer, then you could leave the saran wrap on for a few hours or overnight after you tie it up with a scarf for the smoothest and silkiest hair ever!  I use this method to smooth my roots after a roller set since I usually wait 12-16 weeks before I touch up my new growth with a hair relaxer.                                                             


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