Hair Retention · Long Hair Care · Relaxed Hair Care

Tangle Free Shampoo Technique

After detangling the hair carefully, braid hair into four sections and secure the ends so that the braids do not unravel while you shampoo. Apply shampoo to each section of hair and massage the shampoo into the scalp to cleanse. Rinse all of the shampoo from the hair and repeat if necessary.

Once you have thoroughly cleansed the scalp you will be ready to condition your hair. Unravel one braid at a time, apply the conditioner, comb through, re-braid and secure the ends. You will be able to thoroughly saturate each braid and make sure that conditioner is evenly applied using this technique.

Conditioning and detangling will be so much easier since the hair was not mangled together during the shampoo process. Enjoy this virtually tangle free technique!


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