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Patience, Heat Free Styling & Roller Setting Results

Let’s discuss the benefits of heat free styling and how it can help you retain your hair length.

I’ve had waist long hair, cut it all off and grew it back about 3 times so far. I’ve had long natural hair and long relaxed hair, but what stood out to me as being the most beneficial thing for my hair could not be found in any hair product. My hair flourishes when I eliminate heat (flat irons, blow dryers and curling irons) as opposed to what I put on it. All heat appliances cause some level of hair damage even if heat protection sprays and serums are used, so when I want long hair I eliminate heat usage.  It is that easy!

Ok, some may say- come on hair products can help your hair growth, but they only help to maintain the hair once it leaves the dermis. Hair products are beneficial since they can help you maintain the pH, moisture balance, and increase the elasticity of the hair thereby the strength of the hair, but hair growth occurs below the skin of the scalp, and there is not too much that can affect the rate of growth since it seems to be largely genetic. Let’s concentrate on hair retention instead of hair growth for a moment. Your hair is growing right now as you read this unless you have one of the various forms of alopecia. It is what we do with that growth once it emerges that is critical to length retention.

First, patience is the key to this process. If hair grows about a half inch per month. At the end of the year if you experience no hair damage, then you will have 6 extra inches of hair. Yes, I know, I know it’s only 6 new inches of hair. Those 6 inches or 12 months of hair growth can add up in dollars and cents terms too, so we can look at it as an investment. A hair weave distributor can charge almost double the amount for 22 inches of hair when compared to 16 inches of hair. If they can add value to length and time, then so can we. Patience allows you to wait the time that is required to have the hair you desire without having to purchase expensive weaves or hair extensions or a ton of hair products.

Patience? Really though? Yes, absolutely it is the key to having long hair. If you only have 2 inches of hair then you must love those 2 inches and be patient with them. Comb the hair gently, don’t over manipulate the hair, and even though heat styling is quick- it’s got to go. I put my heat tools out of sight when I am on a long hair journey. The blow dryer, flat iron and curling irons all go inside a storage container and into the attic. Up, up and away from my hands and thereby off of my hair. All are replaced with rollers, clips and a hard bonnet hair dryer. Since I roller set my hair weekly I will use this opportunity to maintain my hair’s condition and practice a low maintenance regimen. Roll hair, wrap hair, oil the ends and that is it for the entire week.

Now how do you keep it interesting so that you can stay away from the heat? Change up the size of the roller or even the placement of the rollers, so that you get different results. The larger the hair roller, the straighter the results and the smaller the roller the tighter the curl. Sometimes I want a smooth sleek look, so I will use all grey rollers. If I want big fluffy curls, then I use purple rollers. Want a lot of body, then alternate the rolling pattern and roller size. For example, roll one purple roller in a downward direction and then a red  roller in an upward direction. Your hair will have long lasting body even after you wrap it up at night.

When I do this continually, I am able to retain all 6 inches of my length. I will update this post with pics continually throughout the year. Here are the results of my roller set with purple rollers and where I am beginning this journey:


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