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Like Frankenstein- my hair was brought back to life

So, after I went through two chemical processes within two days (even though a semi-permanent hair color is not as damaging- it dried my hair out) my hair felt pretty dry, rough and unmanageable. After rinsing out the permanent hair color, I immediately ran to my favorite moisturizing products and boy oh boy did they save the day! I shampooed my hair with the the Herbal Essences Honey I’m Strong shampoo and from the second I lathered it on my hair the transformation began. Its condition improved, and my hair went from a stuck together mess to really soft. I shampooed 3 times to make sure that I got out all of the black hair dye and any remaining rinse that was left over from the semi-permanent hair color. 

The shampoo primed my hair for the Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal conditioner. This conditioner is my secret weapon against dryness. For whatever reason it moisturizes my hair better than some of the most expensive salon conditioners that I have tried. I parted my hair down the middle to ensure that I get complete coverage and then used about a palm full of conditioner for each side. I rinsed out the conditioner after 5 minutes and my hair felt like silk. After combing out my hair, I was then ready for my deep protein conditioning treatment to restore the hair’s strength.

Finally, I thoroughly coated all of my hair with the Organics by Africa’s Best Hair Mayonnaise with Olive OilCombed the conditioner through to make sure it was evenly distributed and sat under a heated conditioning cap for an hour. The heat from the cap allows the scales on the hair shaft to open up, so that the conditioner can penetrate into its cortex. After rinsing out all of the conditioner, my hair felt strong, moisturized and healthy. I was then able to roller set my hair and the results were stunning. Shiny, jet black hair with big fluffy curls which was exactly what I wanted.

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