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Hair Color Journey- Oh My!

My new black ‘do’ in a protective style

A raven mane can give off some amazing shine and brilliance. Black hair just looks so healthy. I previously died my hair a brown color and although it was nice- it ended up being lack luster. So, I decided to color my hair black again since in the past it has always suited my complexion well, and so the journey began.

Saturday: After reading very positive online reviews, I used the Clairol Beautiful Semi Permanent Hair Color in Jet Black. I followed the manufacturer’s directions and the semi-permanent hair color didn’t deposit evenly (even though I used four bottles for my thick hair). Overall, it dried out, coated and left my hair a matted mess-it didn’t do a very good job at all. Even after deep conditioning with a moisturizing conditioner it was still hard to comb through and the hair cuticle felt roughed up. I was none too pleased at all. Eventually, I rolled and wrapped my hair only to wake up the next day to find that the semi-permanent color had bled all over my pillow cases. Ugh, all this did was make a mess and I had to fix my hair. I then decided to use a permanent hair color to give me the rich lasting color that I desired.

Sunday: I picked up two bottles of the Clairol Nice’n Easy Color Foam in #2 Black, and this product has amazing color delivery. After reading reviews online, I was hesitant to use the product, but I like foaming colors since they tend to saturate the hair well. I don’t know why this color received some bad reviews, but I personally found it easy to use and the color is rich, vibrant, glossy. Most importantly,  it did not coat or dry out my hair.
I read the directions and mixed the color and the developer together, tilted the bottle 3 times and then squeezed the sides of the bottle, which allowed the color foam to come out into my gloved hands. It was easy to distribute the color, not messy, and had relatively little chemical odor. The results were excellent! My hair did not feel coated at all. Instead it felt smooth, it looked shiny, and I now have a vibrant shade of Black hair. Finally, I have my hair the way I like it and I am going to continue to do deep conditioning treatments along with my weekly roller-wraps.

I don’t experience hair breakage with double processed (relaxed and colored hair) because I keep the direct heat down to a bare minimum (like once every four months or so). I also deep condition my hair weekly and never relax my hair “bone straight”. Keeping some of the texture= keeping some of the elasticity, so I only relax about 70% of the texture.  If you plan to use a permanent hair color never relax the hair bone straight. This is the key to retaining your hair growth when you have double processed hair.


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