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Bye bye natural hair- I relaxed again and am loving it honey!

Okay, so after contemplating whether or not I would relax my hair I decided to go ahead and just do it. One of the reasons that I stopped relaxing my hair was due to scalp burning issues, so I did not enter into this decision lightly. I did a lot of prep work before I even mixed the relaxer components together and I am so glad that I did.

So, this is what I did to eliminate the scalp burning that I once suffered from during the hair relaxing process.
Most importantly, I sectioned my hair into four parts to base my scalp, hairline and ears with Vaseline. I let it sit for about 10 minutes, so that the oil would fully lubricate my scalp and function as a barrier against the  relaxer.
  • Mixed 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, and moisturizing conditioner into the two parts of the Silk elements no-lye relaxer. The addition of the oil mix dilutes the hair relaxer and slows the relaxing process down which is good since I had so much hair to cover in a relatively short period of time. 
  • Since this was a virgin relaxer, I covered  my hair with the relaxer beginning 1 inch from the roots and ends- starting with the back crown section and working down to the nape area then proceeding to the front crown area down to the hairline. See the video below for instructions:
  • After applying the relaxer to the length of the hair, I then added the relaxer to the roots and the ends of the hair. I finished this process in 10 minutes- I worked as fast as I could to get the relaxer applied in a short amount of time. I smoothed the hair for about 5 minutes- smoothing the first section that the relaxer was applied to first and so on-then fully rinsed the relaxer out of my hair. 
  • Once all of the relaxer was rinsed out. The ApHogee 2 minute Reconstructor was distributed throughout the hair for 2 minutes and then was rinsed completely.  
  • I used a neutralizing shampoo about 5 times (until there were no more pink bubbles) and towel dried my hair. I borrowed the oiling conditioning technique from the video below: 
  • To deep condition my hair, Amla oil was applied all over my hair followed by the Motions CPR deep conditioner. I sat under a heated conditioning cap for one hour rinsed it all out, placed the moisturizing conditioner through out my hair for a final rinse, and then proceeded to roller set my hair. 
  • The results were fabulous! I did not burn at all during the hair relaxing process. My hair was left full of body, soft and in wonderful condition. Ultimately,  I am so glad that I made the decision to return to healthy relaxed hair. 

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