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Natural Hair Regime- So Simple So Rewarding!

Step 1:
I co-wash weekly using the Tresemme Remoisturize Conditioner. This is also the only time that I comb out my hair. While it is soaking wet and I’m under the shower rinsing out the conditioner from the co-wash I comb my hair and the comb just glides through effortlessly without a snag or snarl. I do not comb or brush my hair after this comb out. I have no hair breakage when I comb my hair out this way.

Step 2:
My Favorite Leave In Conditioner:
I must use a leave in conditioner to keep my hair moist and to clump the curls. To do this I use the Suave conditioner as my leave in conditioner all over my hair. I use a lot of this product as well since my hair really absorbs it.

Step 3:
After adding an ample amount of conditioner to my hair all over I then section my hair into six sections and begin to apply the Shea Moisture to my hair concentrating on the ends of the hair and avoiding the scalp. I finger comb my hair while I add the curling creme and my curls really pop.

Step 4:
It’s drying time! I will either use a hair dryer with a diffuser or I will sit under my hooded hair dryer and then allow my hair to dry completely without touching it at all. The more you touch it when it is wet the more frizzy it will become. So leave those curls alone 🙂 Also, I will either do braid outs, two strand twists or twist individual ringlets as styling options.

I always finish my hair by adding Coconut oil and Alma oil and that is it! My hair stays moisturized and frizz free all week long as long as I use a silk scarf to tie it up at night.


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