Skin Care & Makeup

St. Ives Apricot Scrub

Okay, so I know the Apricot Scrub has probably been around forever. The scrub is not expensive, you can find it just about anywhere, yet it does a magnificent job at exfoliating dry skin. After using the Apricot scrub I am left with healthy looking- glowing skin.

I use this product about once every week to just give my face a thorough cleansing. My make up glides on smoother, and appears more even after using it in the morning. I have a special trick to applying it though: First, I wet my face with warm water. Then, I apply the Apricot Scrub all over my face and neck in a circular motion. Next, I use the Clean & Clear cleanser (this helps to remove the product). Finally, I rinse my face making sure to remove all the products.

Viola! I have the cleanest freshest face ever!


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