Skin Care & Makeup

Amazing Skin Care Products!!!

Clean & Clear MORNING BURST® Facial Cleanser

Trial and Error plus money wasted equals frustration in my opinion. I have used so many cleansers that promise clear beautiful skin, but in the end leave my face dry and peeling, or too oily, but I have found the one. My all time favorite cleansing product is this Morning Burst Facial Cleanser. It leaves my skin clean yet soft and I have not experienced any redness, dryness, or blemishes resulting from dryness and irritation.

Avon Nurtura Replenishing Cream (Morning)

I use this moisturizer in the morning after I cleanse with the Morning Burst. My face stays moisturized all day long. My make up goes on flawlessly over this moisturizer, and has a SPF of 15, so no need for this moisturizer to have an SPF in it. Overall, I adore how smooth my skin feels and I love the product!

Avon Extra Hydration Face Cream (Night)

The scent is so refreshing and after a long day at work it is nice to be able to relax. I use the Extra Hydration Face Cream at night after I cleanse my face with the Morning Burst. My face stays smooth and clean feeling even with the moisturizer on top. Overall, this is an excellent product, and makes for a great eye make up remover in a pinch.

Naturally Ageless® Line Smoothing Eye Creme

I must say that of all the eye creams that I have tried this year the Burt’s Bees Naturally Ageless® Line Smoothing Eye Creme is the BEST! If you wake up in the morning with swollen puffy eyes, then this cream is for you. I have been using this product for about 2 weeks daily and love the results. I apply after thoroughly cleansing my face both night and day, and my eye puffiness has been reduced significantly. Why couldn’t I have found this product years ago?


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