General Hair Talk


So the last time I washed my hair I decided to give the Pantene Smooth a second chance to impress me. I am so glad that I decided to do that.

First, I shampooed my hair once with the Pantene Smooth Shampoo…

Next, I applied a generous amount of the Pantene Smooth Conditioner and scrubbed my scalp thouroughly with the conditioner…

Applied the conditioner again concentrating on the ends this time and then rinsed about 5 minutes later…

After the final rinse and after towel drying my hair slightly I applied about a dime sized amount of the Pantene Smooth conditioner to my hair from the ears down… I have thick hair…base this amount on the thickness of hair

Braided the hair in two plaits securing the ends with a barrette, and air dried over night…

The next morning I used my Maxiglide to straighten my hair. This is where it gets good…

My hair was never as soft and smooth as it was this time. It had body, movement, and the ends felt 100% moisturized. I didn’t even need a polishing serum the shine was so intense. It is now 4 days later, and my hair is still so soft and smells so good. The scent really lingers. I stood in the rain today and not one ounce of frizz…

I like to experiment with products in different ways because sometimes its all about how you use something.


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