Hair Styling

Shampooing Hair

I recently experimented with my shampoo regimen. I shampooed my hair 3 times in the past, but recently I shampooed only twice, because of a fear of over drying my hair. My hair has a tendency to get dry, and I noticed that shampoo only exacerbated this issue. For many years I used Cream of Nature Ultra Moisturizing shampoo until the company recently changed the formula. I no longer use this shampoo, and after trying many different brands that irritated my scalp- I found one that doesn’t irritate my skin at all.

I now use the Silk Elements Moisturizing Shampoo and it is amazing! I shampoo Dominican style (they get the hair and scalp really CLEAN). I use about a palm full of the shampoo (which smells so good) rub it in my hands to distribute the product evenly, and then I apply it to my scalp and massage. I use the pads of the tips of my fingers (not my nails) and vigorously scrub my scalp. I rinse my hair thoroughly and then repeat.

I have been able to get my hair really clean this way- but not in that stripped feeling way. I watched this video and got some really good tips:


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