Hair Styling

Roller Setting Tips and Tricks

Roller setting definitely did not come natural for me. It took practice, patience and plenty of tears to get it right. My first attempts at roller setting were messy. I would just put rollers where ever there was hair.

Then, I went to the Dominican salon to observe and learn how the beauticians rolled hair so well. They made sure that the hair was combed out well, and that the hair was really wet before they rolled the hair. Like in the video below: 

Next, I took notice of roller placement: They rolled the hair in what I would like to describe as a Mohawk. One row of rollers starting at the front of the head and then ending with the nape of the neck. I use metal clips to secure the rollers in place instead of the plastic clamps. The curls come out much smoother that way. Also, I roll my hair upwards like a flip so that the roots stay smooth.

Then, that leaves both sides of the hair free. In past attempts I would roll the hair closest to my face first, and then struggle with rolling my hair closest to my ears.

I got the bright idea to pin up the hair closest to my face first and then roll the hair by my ears. My hair came out so much better. The parts were neater and the hair was smoother. Then I rolled the hair closest to my face.

Hint: keep the width of the sections of hair that you are rolling slightly more narrow than the roller that you are using. When I first began setting my hair one of the mistakes that I often made was putting too much hair on the roller. Take thin sections about a half of an inch thick and about two inches wide.

The results were stunning and it looked like I had been to the salon. I am absolutely happy…the best part about it I did it all by myself!

Check out seemyhealthyhair on youtube because she has some really good tips (like putting the roller snaps inside the roller to keep them tight fitting on the roller), and her videos are great!


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