Product Reviews

Fantasia IC PM Night Time Oil Treatment

Here is the product description:

* Enriched with vitamins A, D, E and aloe.

* Specially formulated for dry, frizzy, damaged hair caused by chemical applications and heat abuse.

* When used with a satin sleep cap, treatment is activated overnight from the heat of your scalp.

* Leaves hair moisturized, soft, smooth, conditioned and healthy, with vibrant shine.

It is infused with essential vitamins hair needs for healthy growth and tackles hair issues including frizzies, chemical damage and heat damage. Leaves your hair with a vibrant shine.

I must say that I simply adore this night time treatment. Since I wrap my hair at night I like to use a lightweight product in my hair that will leave it shiny and moisturized. This product does all of that and more.

Usually, I use my Denman brush to detangle the hair slightly, and then spray the night time treatment throughout my hair making sure it is evenly coated. I wrap my hair and use a silk scarf to hold down the wrap. Eventually, when I wake up in the morning and unwrap my hair- it is tangle free, silky smooth, non-greasy, and smells delicious. I can usually keep my hair in very good shape until the next shampoo day when using this product.


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