Hair Styling

Roller Set

This was my first wash and set after my touch up on Thursday night. I woke up early Saturday morning and shampooed my hair twice, then following with my conditioner rinse. I applied my moisturizing conditioner S.E. Moisture Treatment, and deep conditioned for 30 minutes. Shortly after rinsing the conditioner I applied a little of the following products S.E. Styling Foam, Cantu Shea Leave-In conditioner, Aphogee Green Tea Reconstructor, and S.E. Glossing Polish. After applying all of my leave in’s I saturated my hair with water, and commenced to rolling my hair.

The key to a good roller set is making sure the hair is really wet and combed out well. The hair should go on the roller smoothly, so that the hair is smooth when you take the rollers out. I rolled my hair classic Mohawk style with large gray rollers. After rolling my hair I put on a hair net and sat under the dryer for 60 minutes.

My hair came out so soft, with so much body and shine. The curls were amazing!


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