Relaxed Hair Care

Gentle Combing

Question: What can also affect hair growth besides your hair routine, the products you use, and your genes?

Answer: The way you comb your hair.

After many years of my hair staying at the same length even though my hair grows quickly, I noticed how impatiently I combed my hair. I would drag the comb through my hair as if I were in a race against time itself. I did not know how I got in the habit of this quick indiscriminate combing, but it had to stop.

I watched a woman with long beautiful hair comb her hair one day and it was like Eureka!
I saw how she took her time and combed her hair slowly and gently. Sectioning the hair and detangling with her fingers and easing any knots apart- instead of my usual hair commando approach of rip and destroy 🙂

I used this form of combing as my model. Hey she had long beautiful hair and so could I as long as I didn’t comb my progress onto the floor.

Now when I comb my hair I take my time and start at the ends gently and slowly detangling as if I were taking my sweet little time. I move higher until I get to my roots, and then if I hit a rough spot, I put the comb down and use my fingers to detangle that area.

My ends have gone from sparse and thin to thick and full. This was the key to thick ends for me (no more combing races from root to tip). I relax and enjoy the experience. Maybe adding some Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to the ends if need be, or some Silk Elements Glossing Polish before I wrap my hair for the night.

HAIRART The K Cutter Comb (Model:6814)


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