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Deep Conditioning with SE Moisture Treatment and Intense Conditioning Mayonaise

Deep Conditioning is very necessary for my thick and thirsty hair. If I shampoo my hair weekly and deep condition my hair will stay moist and virtually maintenance free throughout the week, but if I forget or get lazy I always pay for it with dry hair by Wednesday. This is just the way my hair works.

After shampooing my hair I can tell if it needs a moisture based or protein based deep conditioner. If my wet hair feels rough then I need a moisture based deep conditioner, and if it feels soft and kind of mushy then I know I need a protein based deep conditioner. Most of the time though I need moisture not protein, so an average month of deep conditioning treatments looks like this:

week #1- moisture
week #2- moisture
week #3- moisture
week #4- protein

I do not use heat in my hair often since I roller set my hair. Yet, if heat is used then a protein based deep conditioner will proceed the heat application (e.g. flat ironing the hair). These methods have helped me retain much of my hair growth.

**The hair is constantly growing from the scalp, and retaining the length of the hair is what makes it longer.**

I have used many deep conditioners, but I love the Silk Elements Megasilk Moisture Treatment (moisture based deep conditioner) and the Silk Elements MegaSilk Intense Conditioning Mayonnaise (protein based deep conditioner).

I apply the conditioner to the whole length of the hair- comb through gently– put on plastic cap- and sit under the dryer for about30 minutes. I then rinse the hair with lukewarm water, and proceed to style my hair.


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