Product Reviews

Silk Elements Luxury Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner 6 oz

The S.E. Shampoo has a thick rich consistency and a sweet smell. I rinsed her hair with warm water after oiling her scalp and ends with olive oil. I then added about a palm-full of the shampoo and applied to each section of hair.

***Side note*** I always section thick hair first into three loosely braided sections to shampoo(Two braids in the front split in the middle from ear to ear and one in the back). It is much easier to clean the entire scalp and to detangle the hair after conditioning. Kind of like this but with loose braids:

I shampoo twice rinsing and checking the scalp’s condition to ensure that I have properly cleansed the scalp. After rinsing the hair on the third time, I then applied about a half ounce of the conditioner to each section and proceed to detangle. This conditioner smelled delightful, and is very rich and creamy. It made detangling so easy. Her hair did not feel coated or weighed down.

After rinsing the conditioner I then proceed to the next step which is deep conditioning.


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