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WHAT??? No Shampoo!!!

About a year ago my typical routine consisted of shampooing my hair, a deep conditioning treatment with oil, then blow dry and flat iron. My hair always looked dry and brittle after I shampooed my hair. I would have to deep condition after to replace the lost oils and moisture. Then, I experimented, nervously at first, and cut out the shampoo. I was so pleased with the results.

No more tangled hair, so no more detangleing- no more breakage and no more excess shedding. I could have made a hair wig with all of the hair I lost on shampoo days. Now my hair is thicker and stronger. It was as if my hair just could not take all of the detergent especially since it is relaxed. Relaxed hair is much more fragile. I have found that I do not need bubbles to clean my hair. No lather, no bubbles, but my hair is clean and fresh. Humans have lived for many years without shampoo…I don’t need it either.

After a while, I perfected the process. I part my hair in 4 sections, take about a palm full of conditioner per section, and apply it liberally to the roots of my hair (Tresemme Moisturizing Conditioner, or Mane and Tale Moisturizing Conditioner work well for this). I apply enough conditioner to fully saturate the roots of my hair (about 4 palm fulls). After all of the conditioner is applied I wet it a little, and then massage my scalp with my fingertips. I repeat this process, and then once I feel that my scalp is clean I comb my hair under the running shower water with a k-cutter comb.

Tada, it’s finished! No more frizzy hair, or broken areas…its like it was all a very bad dream.

Thanks to all of the ladies who mentioned that this was their routine. I am so glad that I tried it out as well.


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